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Heal Yourself

Ruthie Foster

You wanna save your survival.
You wanna know 'bout your true arrival.
You wanna make real music,
Not just part time, but really use it.

But you don't want nobody else to hear it.
'Cause you think somebody's gonna steal it.
You better think 'bout healin' yourself, child
Heal yourself.

You are the true believer,
Embrace your purity.
Say the race deceivers
Took your dignity.

Lord, I ain't keeper of the barriers.
You wanna go away to see his carriers.
Said you don't need enough to know about it.
All you wanna do is control it.
You better think 'bout healing yourself, child -
Heal yourself.

Well, it's time to hear somebody,
And it's time you need somebody.
Well, it's time to put down the stone
'Fore you wake up one day
And find your time is gone.

You were born in the back seat of America,
And you pride yourself in sharing her.
Taught to work to please and pray on your knees.
You pay for your cheap grace with your nominal fees.

Oh, you try to change the news with you TV remote.
You got the freedom to choose, but you choose not to vote.
Better heal yourself, child
Heal yourself.

Think about healing yourself
Think on it.
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