As It Comes

Fran Healy

We used to look at eachtother
But now we look at the past
We used to go out for dinner
And feed the ducks in the park
You say that i could be thinner
I say, retract that remark

And I'm loving you each day
As it comes

I'll never let you be lonely
As long as you're by my side
You say you'd leave me - if only
Another tear in the eye
Another funeral parlour
I'll have to get a new tie

And I'm loving you each day
As it comes

Time has come
Time has come and gone
And all I've done comes undone
Da Da done

As I lie here beside you
With Jack frost in the air
You look like an angel
With that net in your hair
I kiss you so softly
But you're no longer there

Now I'm taking every day
As it comes
Da Da Da Da Dum
Da Da Dum
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