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    Francis Mike - Friends

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    Francis Mike - Let Me In

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    Francis Mike - On The Edge Of The Night

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    Francis Mike - Room In Your Heart

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    Francis Mike - Together


Francis Mike

Come on my friend
and leave your caution to the wind
I know we use to keep that feeling out of sight
It's getting stronger
I feel it burning in my mind
slowly teasing me it's growing deep inside

Come on and lay your tender lips down on my skin
show me how sweet and easy it can be...
Let us stick together
and make it happen...

I won't think it over again
I'll take you to the top
tell of your hidden thoughts
come on let me move you again
I'll do the best I can
make me tremble with your breath

Come on my friend
and leave your caution way behind
I wanna love your body till the morning light
watch me my friend
I feel you reachin' in my mind
though I know we'll be in love just for one night
I keep on trying to change my point of view again
but everything seems to be the same
I want you where you are now
I don't wanna lose you

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