Color Blind

Freak Morice

A father waits for the verdict again, Hasn't had a job since heaven knows when
His resume is perfectly fine, But still rejection he seems to find
The woman sighs as she passes him a sheet
"I'm afraid you're not the 'type' we hire, don't come back next week"
He wonders why she won't give the job to him
"I'm afraid it's nothing personal, just the color of your skin"

Little does this woman know, to a family he goes home
No food on the table once again

Why why why can't we all stand side-by-side
We want to make a difference but the different run and hide
Why why why is the world so black and white
I've made up mind, I'm gonna by Color Blind

A girl is crying as she walks to school
The others tease her, Kids can be so cruel
Yes her skin is a different shade
The more that they tease her the more she wants to be the same as them

Little girl wipe your tears, You're beautiful outside and in
Don't matter the color of your skin
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