Summer In Hell

Fred Schneider

Fool, you can't buy a stairway to heaven!
Are there any marshmellows?

Hi Fred
Y'know, I never thought I'd see you down here
Ha! Where'd ya think I was going?
Boy, it sure is hot
Well it ain't the north pole

Hey! Look! All our friends are here
It's always sumer in hell. Summer in Hell, brrrr
You can feel the fire
And the party goes on forever. The party goes on forever!
And! You'll see all your friends! Summer in hell
It's always the season. Summer in Hell
And that's the reason everybody's havin' a good time
Everybody's havin' a good time, always!
Havin' one helluva time!

'Cause I know a place that's always hot and the lights are never low
A place you can go
I know a place where the lights are bright
I know a place where the fires are never low
I know a place where everyone goes
Summer in hell!

You can feel the fire
You can feel it 'cause there's millions of pyres!
The hottest time in the hottest place
And don't be ashamed to show your face
'Cause everyone you know will be there
Everyone you know will be there. Summer in hell!

Hey, look whos coming
Ooo, I always knew she'd be here! She was fun!
Hi guys! Y'know, when the man with the big book up there said,
"Looks like it's downstairs for you little lady," I thought
"Oh great, an eternity with a bunch of politicans and cooperate executives,
You know, dullsville! But, when I saw all the celebrities
And fun people, I said, "Heyy, not bad!"
Well here we go

The greatest time in the darndest place!
And don't be ashamed to show your face
'Cause the party goes on forever!
The party goes on forever and and ever and ever and ever
Summer In hell!

This heat's gona curdle my girdle!
My underalls are on fire!
Oh stop that! You're such a devil!
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