Freestyle Fellowship

Featuring Aceyalone]
where in the hell did the hip hop go?
where in the hell did the hip hop go?
where in the hell did the hip hop go?
yo Aceyalone do ya know do ya know?
well here we go hot cake dough?
jellybeans banjo candy store
polka dot backpack microphone
shamalama ding dong doggie bone
chippeechippa chop bust a flip flop
skateboard tennis shoes ice cream shop
telephone poles bakin' hot rolls
a '91 pinto sittin' on Vogues
bubble gum tick tock hound dog fleas
cock-a-doodle doo-doo and some hog head cheese
leap out the room grab the old broom
eat a watermelon and walk on the moon
cherry coke canteloupe little old maid
a big black berry inside the kool-aid
a bass guitar a old fruit jar
a green canteen and a chocolate bar
cannonball baby doll football fan
i flipped a mad dog and a Japanese man
a double bunk bed a 40 to the head
now get up and watch me rap to cornbread hey
hey i hear ya
yo aceyalone i hear ya
well have ya ever kilt a great white shark? well i have
i was on a boat i built and sailed around the world don't laugh
yeah i was a crook an' met captain hook an' got tookin' a captive
wrote a book in 31,000 chapters yeah yeah that's it
i seen the ghost of augie creek
i went to fantasy island gilligan's island and pirates peak
and then to nappa valley rappers alley and stayed a week
i met the queen of all my dreams and we danced cheek to cheek
and then we freaked
had a fight with king kong godzilla and rodan
johnny socko's giant robot and wrestled with conan
i jumped on a rocket with davy crockett headed for no man's land
and landed and seen a time bandit in the sand
i travelled with Gulliver and I'm a hell of a patrol
looking for the Acupulco pot of gold
he blazed i raised little bastard got me floated
hit the road and had to hitch w/the son of a bitch who turned into a
you ever slept on blueberry hill well i will
we'll have to connive and cook and clean for a meal and that's real
planted three jolly green bean weed seeds in a field
a tree grew all the way up to the sky and i smoked it
Well I seen zig zag as he was zooming in a Z
looking zorked and zany like a Zulu zombie
he thought he was a zenith with a zebra ont he scene
he was a buzzing in the zone like he was zapped
well jingle bell jingle bell sugar on toast
the fellowship shop is from the west coast
hey hash and eggs crocodile legs
i'll bring the chronic you bring the kegs
buckwheat and stymie's down with rodney allen rippey
while Tommy and Annica were beating up Pippy
karate chops snap crackle pops
you do the hip thing and i'll do the hop
cough up a lougie shake break and boogie
cause i got a home girl that's giving out nougies
mr george bush was on my floor
cracked out butt naked watchin' the cosby show
hey little rascals eddie haskell
black eyed peas with a lot of tabasco
chico stix big fat chicks
old reruns of the jefferson hits
eenie meenie miny mo larry and shemp
slide me some skin on the black side pimp
training bras holey drawers
Vonte and D double E is breakin' all the laws
double dutch afros parakeet crap
honey i kilt (killed) the kids w/my rap
then my dj Kiilu he came and said
yo i'll scratch the break you rap the cornbread hey
see i'm a big old black man a big old black man
a big old black wacky tacky black man
born w/my mama arrived alone
and i'm alive and survive in a one room home
never take a hand-me-down never dig a bone
i give and i live and i handle my own
used to a peewee now i'm full grown
not a shufflin' jigaboo i'm hard like stone
i drink out the jug i eat out the pot
i learn and i earn and i love what i got
my mama ain't a housewife daddy ain't a cop
i was taught to be a fair man shoot your shot
snake in the grass livin' in the past
seein' nobody got my hindside i'm a think fast
i'm the chugalug thug from nicolett and (?arquette?) street
a watermelon sellin' bailin' no good cheat
not a lie two-facin' a liquor jar tastin'
i'm a ebony woman chasin' got no time for wastin'
so bring in the news singin' the blues
i don't shovel no shit and don't shine no shoes
i'm a big old black man never had a friend
sittin' on the roof top listenin' to the wind
my life is on the end my grin is pretend
i'm a die in my rockin' chair sippin' on gin hey
see im a bad boy i'm Aceyalone i'm Aceyaloony
i'm Aceyalone a nigger from the boonies
i'm Aceyalone (....?????what the hell is he saying???????......)
same ol' same ol' thing baby bubba
what you say what you thought was really going on you don't know
right right but you got caught by
Aceyalone ranger Aceyalone stranger
willing to gimme a pound cause i'm just abound (?about?) to lose you
so bamboozle out instead
just remember that brother who spits the cornbread
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