Chloroform Perfume

From Autumn To Ashes

(This is the end result of so many meetings at late night dinnerswith no one eating,
we sit in corners and sip burnt coffee,
count the tiles up on the ceiling,
lets skip the pretense and cut straight to dying,
just dont beg me to keep your eyes from crying,
you said so much without even parting your lips,
its past 3am and i'm still far from sleep,
and this is a habit i cant break,
you're my only company,
i'm skipping stones down a suburban street,
street lights flicker like this match in my hand,
it was begging to strike,
I keep repeating but this payphone tele stopped receiving,
flat out of change now and i'm sure you won't accept the charges,
its all the same because by morning i'll be halfway to colarado,
or someplace like that,
she keeps on asking "do you think it hurts much to die?"
its hurting so much more to stay alive now,
shes gonna find out how much it hurts to die
she laced her perfume up with death,
i feel it in my lungs,
so i'll pull in the deepest breath and drop my head)
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