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Castle Of Trust

Frozen Fire

Brother, i´m here to clear your mind
And show you feelings i can´t hide

Once we decided
We´d be one same blood
Then i was sure
Nothing would tear us apart

What true friends build
No human force breaks down
Don´t need to feel
The silent sign of loneliness
Alone we won´t find us hope
We´re shadows, we´re dust
Unless we rebuild with words
The castle of trust

I know together we can find
Regards that´ll make us set aside
All tears and loud laughs
We naively shared
Made us so strong
Now they will save us

Once to be each other´s accomplices
Was my desire
For you i´d put me in second
And my hand on fire

My friend, now i can hear the sound
Our brotherhood, it´s safe and proud

Although deceptions
That lead us to a void
We´ve gone too far
Never surrender

What true friends build
No human force breaks down
We´re more than healed
No pain, no fear, no loneliness
I´m proud to say you´re the best
My hero, my luck
We now can rebuild at last
Our castle of trust

Let us bury problems now
Let us run away from pain
Trust and friendship we once found
Walking side by side again
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