To My Mother


When i woke up this morning
And found myself alone
I remember that my mother
She went out last night for a dance

Ooh, she was looking so good
And i said:
"have a good time, baby"

Sixteen years, well sixteen years
She was living with a man
Who sailed 'round the world
I said sixteen years
She had no (??finer??) love
Than my brother
But he found a new girl ????, oh
Then the (??war's??) coming so hard
When my mother and my father fall apart

My father went straight away from home, yeah
He left us all alone
But when suddenly dad gone
My mama became reassured
She was looking like a young girl
She made her hair
???? blonde and ????, it's not like me

And when she went to dance
And she had a friend
Well, she asked me, how would you do that, girl
Say now, how would you ????

Oh-oh, she didn't come back again that day
And now i had to take care of my life
Ooh i pray she found a good man
And i hope that she will be a good wife

Well, she's sixty two years old
And somehow she told me, oh
There ???? no love,
???? love, never, never, never (??in the whole world??)

Hey, she didn't come back again
And i feel, hey-hey, i feel
Well she's sixty two years old
And she never, never, never again (??called??)
She said back then
She said, alright
Come with me if you want, yeah, you ????, yeah
It's alright, get up, get up, get up, get up

I said girl, girl
I said girl, girl
You can do, you can run ???? to some kinda girl
???? dance, dance, dance, yeah
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