Take Care Of Illusion


I saw a light tonight
It shined mighty bright
Saw it through my open door
While i heard a thundring roar of something
That exploded down there. so i have been in confused fear.

Got up and followed that blood - red shine
'cause i felt a warning sign.

Yeah - it seemed to be yeah - big misery!

Oh, that house was burning down
Couldn't see if there's somebody'round.
I got a dreadful feeling deep inside oh, i just tried ...

I was running for my life
To save the sleeping children and wife.

But when i reached that burning house
I was standing in front of a crowd
Of helpless people were staying around
They watched the flames and their crying was loud.
I asked a man, who was standing near by.
How could it happen, when and why?
He said, yeah - it seems to be yeah - big misery!

It's burning down it's burning down to the ground.
It's a lot of pain when you see it was all in vain.

They worked every day, every night, every hour in their life.
With a faith that we all have before it's getting late
But you see how it can be, when you're thinking
You are free, and you're proud
What you've done
That's a fraud - it could be gone

"take care of illusion - it shares with confusion"

Look, you are young, and i think you are not the only one
Who would help with that faith
That i meant before it's late.
So go, try you're best, save their life,
You can't save their happiness!
Yeah - it's up to you
Yeah - try to get through!

Oh, they have been still alive
And soon they opened up their eyes.
As they remembered, they began to moan,
No, that man was not wrong
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