Fistful of Christ

Funeral Age

Spirit de Jesus arisen in shame
Committed murder in Jesus' name
Deeds of the Devil you're made to forgive
Heaven a nightmare you'd kill to relive

Gates of my Heaven lead straight to your fear
Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Go with the cursed, drift in the mist
Grieving the memories that slip from your fist

Roll over stone and reopen the wound
Deeper devotion, the darker your tomb
Reach for the lifeless hand in the darkness
Peel off your skin and be cleansed
Cleansed of your sins

Run for your life, Fist has fallen
Nowhere to hide, Fist has fallen
Cling to the soul that you sold for a lie
Cowering in shadows of doubt where your demons reside

The cursed pulse of amen, Cardiac arrest begun
The bloody fist has fallen, That every heart will cease as one

With head full of hatred, Fistful of Christ
So many crosses, so little time
Praying like Hell for what does not exist
Cadaverous memories that slip from your weakening fist.
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