Come And Get It

Fury Of Five

Hell yeah!
The war is on, best beware
Crew verse crew, fists will flare
Called us out, don't look hard
Want a piece, here we are!
Those who want some come and get it
Better come strong or don't come at all! 2x
This is not a threazt it's a promise! 4x

Understand, mother fucker!
Enough with the mouth
Sombody set it off
We're not intimidated so lose that thought

Wanna see blood spill it from these veins
Teach us a lesson make us taste the pain
Bring the beatdown try breaking there bones
Fair or unfair we won't ever be dethroned
Talkin' acting tough but they never attack

These meaningless words just make us mad as hell! 4x

Don't run
We mean what we say, this is not a game
Those who cross our paths, get server
With pure wrath yeah!
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