Love on the Run


Everyday people, sing yourself a song.
Well my song's not too simple,
'bout all these things going wrong in my life.

When you woke up, girl lying right next to me.
Thinking about fog(?), and things we're gonna see.
If you think, you are making your way.
Well my heart, might burn an ugly stake.

Ooh you must've forgot... This is Love on the Run momma.

Every man she doesn't make a spot.
And I don't feel like girl leaving you in the dark.
Girl you must've forgot...
Girl you must've forgot...
This is Love on the Run.

My bags are packed,
the van is outside waiting.
My heart's at home,
and this love is slowly fading.

I said I'll be not!
Girl! Gonna make you hot!
You must've forgot!

This is Love on the Run baby...
and I'm outta here.
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