King Of The Blues

Gary Moore

He was born in Mississippi 1924
He was born in Mississippi 1924
Left his home with no money
He had to pay his dues
But he knew the time was comin'
When he'd be king of the blues
King of the blues!

Lost his heart to a woman, Lucy was her name
Lost his heart to a woman, Lucy was her name. yes, it was
When he hears her sing so sweetly
He knows he just can't lose
When he holds her in his arms he knows that
He's the king of the blues

He's a hunter with a crosscut saw
Born under a bad sign
Caught his baby messin' down the laundromat
He almost lost his mind

He was born in mississippi 1924
He was born in indianola, mississippi 1924. yes, he was!
He doesn't need no jester to keep him amused
He's got lucy by his side
He's making headline news
Doesn't need no palace
Like freddie down in dallas
You can call him what you like
I call him king of the blues

That's right, mister albert king of the blues
King of the blues
Let me hear ya!
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