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I've been Walking (part 1)


I've been walking
Tired Earth
Old air
From it's birth
Could have been
A part of your life
There are no deals

There's no destination
No holy land
No El Dorado
Just a grain of sand
There's no salvation
No spring at lourdes
No secret manthras
No super cures

Magic lanterns
Drowning in day
Magic lanterns out

The silent cars
Dip the dark
Stare in water
Obey the deep
Let it sleep
Forever wanting
To break the shell
Of uniform
Believe the burn
Heed the warning

Four horsemen in the night
Riding in the shallow light
Having sworn to carry fire
In a lithograph with hands alight

The smiling spider fooled the fly
Released the trap before the trial

Just an orphaned line
Doesn't read much
Oh, the manuscript's light
Fragment of present
I traveled seas and moors
I knelt down at every altar
Yellow straw has been y bed
Under bridges in the snow

Out of the street, under the city
Birds overhead flying south from the cold
Follow the signs, smoke from the chimneys
Where do you search for what you don't know?
I lost it down a rabbit hole
And it's me you have been looking for

When the wind accelerated flames across the barren sands
River running backwards snake was crawling to release the damned
The market square has been surrounded
The miracle outshines
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