Battlefield Vinland


White Race, prepare for war
Defend what is ours
White Race, fight for your lands
This battlefield Vinland
Oppressed by the might of Z.O.G
The many arms of Deception
Struck with both guilt and scorn
An outcast in our homeland
Bleed for your soil, bleed for you land
Stand tall proud White Man
Defend with honor, defend with pride
Your skin your battledress, your nation your bride
Look long in the eyes of foes
Surrounded by our enemies
Their faces etched in the back of our minds
For in this war, they'll be repaid in kind
Stand for your children, stand for your blood
Bleed with honor, bleed with pride
Your kin your legacy, battle for their lives
White Race, prepare for war
Defend the fourteen words
White Race, for nation and pride
Defend the lands for which your forefathers died.
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