From way before

Gensomaden Saiyuki

Take my hand right now
Just slowly open your eyes
Remember me from way before?
On and on we go
Until we find what we've been searchin' for...

If you could just believe
in you and me to see
There's no need for you to hide
Cry alone anymore 'cause I will
share my life with you
This world can be too tough when you're alone--
But you seem to be so far...oh tell me

Why you're crying now,
I'm standing by your side?
Tell me why your tears are blue
and how to stop them too
Tell me what you want from me
I'll do it just for you
Just because I wanna see you smile again

We can make it through
If we hold on to ourselves
when times are hard, you have my shoulder
I believe in you
Because I know you were there, From way before...
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