yuh remember wha garnet a sing?
If yuh know not god yuh know not love, no no
cause god is love

i know jah love it is superior
your devil complex inferior oh yes
worshipping material
bowing to your silver and gold

somebody tell me
cause i really got to know
i read a lot of history
but tings nuh really show no no
why dem drop the bombs ina arabia
why the children bawl and suffer ina africa
leaders of the world just fighting for superpower
but judgement ago fall upon dem head like rain shower

unno betta love the likkle youths
nuh terrorize dem
teach the youths the truth nuh criticize dem
open up your eyes and realize then
yuh hafi keep yuh hafi care you hafi guide dem
war and crime will divide dem
unno betta show the youths your face and don't yuh hide dem
and then equality and justice will unite dem
lift up your voice and yuh got to sing the anthem

long time we fed up a your promises and lies
your illusion and religion just covering our eyes
frustration a starvation multiply
depression until the well a run dry
can't yuh show the love man and not the animosity
can't yuh live a life how it is said in duteronemy
me coulda be your friend
why yuh want to be my enemy
yuh can't tek dem speed jah over jah so so come follow we come follow we
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