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The Answer


I have regret
So what it's gone, I wanted more than just possibilities
I'm wrong, I haven't much to give I just live for me and
This song... at least my mind can persuade me, everything seems pretty,
No remorse just memories
Why don't you believe me?
Suffer, disgraced, sour... passion screams distorted mind,
Trapped inside unwilling tides I have regret.
Suffer coward... I have... regret..
Passion screams distorted minds trapped inside unwilling tides...
I have regret... regret.
It doesn't matter what the question is, this is the answer.
While adapting to the economical specimen known as society
Offend the polluted kingpin who hides behind his synthetic camouflage,
Assured capital, condemn his crippled environment...
Creates his consequence... so what.
So what means nothing more to give,
I haven't lost but still I am yet to live, I wanted more...
More than memories... I wanted your possibilities,
I have nothing but my own,
Possibilities are what is left for me.
It doesn't matter what the question is, this is the answer.
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