Pummeled tidal waves displeasure my saturated dream
Reality a shadow in a mirror crimson silhouettes of me
Tighten the noose oxygen negotiates my mind
True vanity stronger flawless standing
On my soapbox screaming obscenities
I came for something more
Silence your preaching of morals abuse insecurities
Black portals of dissolution shatters all reality
Recycled loneliness distrust consume friendships I fabricate
I died for every soul in existence but its you
I hate
Bloodwine strike 9 defied by my
Push the beatings towards me for me scorn
Me empty hearts will follow me till I see
There's no pain wipe it away you're the
Prety crush you sentence you pummel you
And soon avenge my face
It's forever, so remember
Forgiveness, I forgive no one.
Drenched with passion, clearly seeing back when
Inferior was superior.
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