Architects Of Discotech

Glamour For Better

Well this is life at it's best
A past that starts as it ends
A combination of words that are lines to be read
We can stay far from home
'cus we are cooler than cold
A success in the eyes of the hearts that we broke

We will take what we will
A drink of vodka and pills
No regrets though confess that we live in the edge
Well this is me that you see, the man you're longing to be
Too complex to expect nothing short of the best

Take these words, scream them loud
Till they roll out your mouth
And we live by the words that to learn is to work

We live life to the end
Not stuck but caught in a bend
Where to life what this life is to broken old men
And we promise to care
But we live and we learn that this gift, although rich
Is sometimes bitter and sick
I take my water with salt
And take my poison with coke
As i sip, and i'm sick
I sometimes splutter and spit
Things are not what they seem
A mixture of your goals and dreams
Where it's hard, you get tired
But you gotta dig deep

Take these words scream them loud
Till they roll out your mouth
Till these screams leave this place that you're dying to hate
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