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The Only One

Glamour of the Kill

I had to leave this place
You were the one I left behind
Got to get home to you girl
Before I lose my mind

I feel an emptiness, without you in my life
You may be out of sight
But never out of mind

And throught it all I tried to callI have so much to say
I'll drive all night to be by your side, baby can't you see

You are the only one, you are the reason I am strong
The air inside my lungs, the only, the only one

In the middle of the night
I thought I heard you call my name
So I call out to you, but you so far away

We've been apart for far too long, I need you here with me
One day I'll be by your side, and then I'll make you see
You know out of sight, isn't out of mind
and it won't be long, 'till I'm by our side
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