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Second Chance

Glamour of the Kill

I’ve had enough, it feels like I’m drowning
It’s like an anchor, that’s pulling me down
I must escape from this prison around me
It’s time to turn my life around
The clock is ticking and there’s not long left
Every second counts when you’re holding your breath
I need something, a new direction
I’ve gotta turn my life around

There’s still hope, if I take control

I don’t wanna live forever, but I don’t wanna die
I need something to believe in, I wanna live my life

All I need is the strength to carry on
All I need is the strength to live my life

I’m rising up and there’s nothing gonna stop me
The weight of the world couldn’t bring me back down
You never thought that I’d ever have it in me
Then I silenced any doubt
I couldn’t tell by the way that mocked me
That you were with me every step of the way
And now you’re just another lamb to the slaughter
And I will live another day

Don’t wanna live forever
Just wanna live my life
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