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April - Within The Woods

Gloomy Grim

As I felt that the Fire and Storm went away
from the Misterss Of The Stormblast
I decided to move away
and live outside this and her world

I rented old cabin Within The Woods
some said that it was fool thing to do

They said that it is haunted,
by the family lived there before
I had heard of that case,
when they all were just vanished

The family was searched by people,
but they never were found
They were just disappeared
like smoke in the wind

I also visited This House, years before
Right away I felt that
I belong here

Who is there? I want to be alone.
Leave Me Alone!
I am sure that there was something, is this happening to me again
I am so scared of those things upstairs, I am going insane
Leave Me Alone!

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