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Unholy Black Slut


She drinks the cum of the dead
Trails of slime where her cunt has bled
Black eyes filled with fucking lust
Slowly you flesh turns into crust

Fucking black, she lives for lust
Stripping flesh from your bones
Fucking black, want you death
Suckng life from your veins
Turning black, takes you soul
Slave to this rotting corpse
Forever back, dwell in Hell
Lick the maggots from her slit

Face is covered with a veil of black
Don't open it, you'öö see your death
Foul stench from her toothless mouth
Goat semen spawned this Whore

(repeat chorus)

Beelsebub's possessed whore
Saliva drippng from her tongue
Warts cover her pale flesh
The necromancers bastard spawn
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