Amazing Grace

Gospel Gangstaz

Amazing grace, to me it's the sweetest sound
To catch a wretch like me, so let the beat pound
See, i was lost to the cross, now i 'm found
I was blind but now i can see
And it'll amaze ya, the unmeritable favor that he gave ya
The saviour and i just wanna praise ya
Cause even when i was still lost in sin and still doing wrong
His grace kept me from a tombstone
Born in sin and shaped in iniquity, full of trickery
Why did you want to get with me?
I never would pray, i'd rather get a girl and lay
Full of sin, like i said, i was born that way
A foul mouth of four letter verbs and nouns
If sin was water, i was in so deep, i'd drown
And even though i thought clubbin was fun and church was dumb, he kept bidding me to come son
His spirit drew me to repentance and i thought of christ
I was a sinner and he died, his blood saved my life
Now all my sins are erased
But it's not because of me
It's 'cause his grace is
Amazing, it's so amazing
Amazing. it's so amazing
Amazin' grace
It's your amazing
It's so amazing
Amazin' grace
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