Human minds remember ancient tradition.
God gave us a life and he took that reason away.
Humankind keep human guinea pigs.
Guru hypnotized us by anachronistic superstitions.

No one knows true self hidden within inside.
No one respects each other except oneself.
No one knows how our brains are progressing.
In this world of evil and crimes.

Human minds gave us animalistic spirits.
God gave us colors and he took that equality away.
Aristocracy exploited their slaves.
Duke originated this profoundly sick society.

No one realizes judgement ability is missing.
No one respects each other except commercial.
No one realizes where we are finally going.
In this crisis between fear and love.

Human minds have brutal instincts.
God gave us an intelligence and he took that affection away.
Hitman fires flying the enola gay.
Lord alienated this claudication symptom.
Inculcated codependent relationship.

Everyone forgot the preciousness of family values.
Everyone has some angst of inability and poverty.
But everyone is powerful, beautiful and really wonderful.
Until this earth will know the peace of the world.
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