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Gregory Alan Isakov

The box office lady is calling me out
Yeah and I won’t know what to do with my mouth
Every salty kiss you brave in the streetlight
Oh and mercury’s against me she’s winning tonight

And now they’re combing for pennies in the old cobblestone
Those carnival kids man they never go home
Yeah they’re tossing and turning and dodging the stones
Oh and mercury’s missing me just by a throw
Yeah and alright, okay, I know
But here in the hems the hand that rolls the bones
Oh and the fortune lady is the only one who knows
Oh.. Hey...

Well out on the wire there’s something to save
And yeah hope is a word man it never could be
Oh we’re fumbling for fiction or something to take
Yeah and mercury’s smiling but I know she’s a fake
Yeah and alright, okay I see
Here in the hems of the hand that (builds each?)
Oh and the fortune lady’s the only one
Yeah the fortune lady’s the only who sees
And old madam haggard is cleaning the clutch
Yeah the paperboy is combing his nickels for rats
And coyote’s in the car with the motor running loud
Yeah the stars were all hiding when mercury’s out

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