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Red Cross With Silver Shine

Gregory And The HawK

I really want to find a bar
and mix a fear up with a friend
said the joke is on your arm
I'll give you skull tattoos in your bed
I want to know
do I dance inside your head?
is our love star-crossed?
'cause all I see is that I'm caught in it
I really want to go to bed
with a feeling in my chest
like I lost again
this time for the best
I want to know
that I smooth your checkered past
that your hope floats
when you call me your last
I really hope you're on at eight
with no commercial breaks
and the sofa sinks
underneath our doubled weight
if you loved me
like I loved you from afar
if I loved you
how come the skin wasn't so hard?
how come the skin wasn't so hard?

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