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Wallachian Visions

Grim Landscape

Beyond this grim landscape Where all warriors have died
A place full of graves Stones cover of blood
Swords and axes tainted of black Raging to the sky
As we perform ou march Under our banner

I face this macabre sunset Symbol of rebirth
Without brother of crusade A neverending war
For eternity I will worship The gods of war
And into the battlfield I will kill muslims

I am the destroyer of goodness At any move there's only dust
I am the hunter of weakness Raper of gothics on their tombs
Cutting-off the head of god Kiling is my life through hate
Roaming beyond the dark Servant of nebular night

All around my land we Can see his limits
A thousand of infidels Impaled is there
Visions of blood flowing Make me hungry
The only thought I have Is to see them die
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