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Elevator Doors

Group 1 Crew

Hey yo I love hard and I live fast so I take time
To think back on this last year and just rewind
On my family we healthy yea we just fine
Now I'm movin on to what's next so can you read minds
And tell me tell me what I'm thinking now bet you wanna know
Its somewhere in between my past and where my futures gonna go
So will I pop'em out the sky and never do another show
Or will I see another level like some elevator doors yea
I could see that happen
My life is more than rappin
I'm tryin to see a better life for little kids thats trapped in
Slavery ain't trying to act like it don't even happen
If love is still a verb
Then we should move to action
And people wonder why I wanna make a million bucks
Cause theres a world that we don't wanna see that needs our love
And yea you pray and honestly you feel like thats enough
Well ask a hungry man if prayer can fill his belly up
Before you crucify my view make sure you understand
I love to pray but also feel like I should lend a hand
And I've been guilty of forgettin all my fellow man
Cause them new jordans just came out I need them in my hands
Question my motives
Why do I need
Another pair when I got thirty that won't see my feet
And it ain't wrong to want some nice things
But when you only think of self then it gets hard to see
I'm talking to the man in the mirror jackson
Help me see my heart a little clearer waxin
Wanna see a face in my reflection that's when
My heart won't end up goin just in circles backspin
I know God I need you
I trust you're seein me through
When they see me pray they see you
Make your boy see through
I just know that I can't do it
Unless I know you're with me
Help me see the way that you do
So I can see things clearly
And I fight hard yea I fight hard to become good
But never understood
How you could use a mind that thinks hood
And I'm holdin on to what you see in me
That says my faith should believe
That you ain't done with me
And see how thats a good look yea a good look lets go

I'm turned up I'm turned up that bass low
My crew thick my crew thick that sumo
Got them hot bars them hot bars that fuego
I'm turned up I'm turned up lets go
I'm turned up I'm turned up lets go
My crew thick my crew thick lets go
Got them hot bars them hot bars let go
I'm turned up I'm turned up lets go

Yea I'm turned up I'm turned up that bass low
Yea my crew thick my crew thick that sumo
Got them hot bars them hot bars that fuego
And I'm still from the block o-on the block that j-lo

And there ain't nothing that I can't do
When I'm in the zone
Yea I'm on
Better know
I'm gonna bring it on home
Don't matter if I say another word
I believe I'm a beast in my flo
I never cease in the zone
Better leave while you can
Cause its gettin to the point
I don't even need a mic
Better get another coin
Put it in while I get another win
With a beat so hard that you gotta turn it up uh

I'm in beast mode yea beast mode that's cujo
I'm on that right track that right track then kuhmos
I'm always on the run o-on the run that's hugo
So homie speed up (up up up up) that's speed mode

And I ain't gotta try hard
Everything that I do
When I'm all about my crew
Then we all good
Never run away
Never back down
Never been a slave
But I always understood
Gotta leave hood
Sittin in the back of my mind
Like I'm running out of time
So I speak a little fast
Like a boy should
Never out of breath
Always tryna be the best
So you never gotta wonder
What I'm gonna do next

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