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Don't Let Me Lose You Again

Guest Band

Every time when i look in your eyes
I see a different blue in the sky
Through nights and nights
I've been waiting for you
Now i know blind love is true

Close my eyes
Just to be lettle closer
To feel the beat of your heart
In my life
Every empty space
Can be filled with your smile

Just a memory in my mind
Just a feeling in my heart
That's the life without you
Friends and faces all strange
Never gona be the same
Don't let me lose you again

It's so hard being losing you
When you were the one that made
My dreams come true
Why does only good love has to die?
Such love that could get's me high

Close my eyes
Just to remind
Every minute you've been in my life
It's you and i
A won't let our love die
Cause i still believe you're mine

Chorus x2
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