I'm Destroying The World


Hey, Mark, its fourth and goal
Why don't you get your dad a beer?
And do us all a favor
Get your punk ass out of here
Dear, I think our son's retarded
He likes to read not watch tv
Mark never plays no football
With the kids across the street
Hey, mom, hey, dad, yeah, sports are great
If you like touching other men
But when we touch each other off the field
Well this becomes a sin
So I understand you think I'm slow
But I don't want to be like you
Because of you and mommy its what I was
Born to do, hey hey
I'm destroying the world
I don't really give a shit, cuz it feels so
God damn cool
I'm destroying the world
I don't really give a shit no
Sorry, son, we understand
That you just don't fit in
So I filled your mom's prescription
You'll be one of us again
Hey, I don't give a shit bout what you think
You made me just who I am
I'm taking up the banjo
To execute my evil plan
Then lets go
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