We Goin' Fly


[verse 1]
Who's the greatest, the latest artist to shake cages?
The majors, i'm a star but it's hard to make wages
So, here come the raises | travel to foreign places
Surrounded by sick emcees and it's contagious (oh)
Turn up the faders | put flame to the cadence
Steady makin' hits like i'm playin' for the ravens
It's goin' down, doesn't matter what my age is
And goin' rock crowds, doesn't matter where the stage is
So, calm your rages and peep the demand
I do it all for my people, man, i speak for the fans
We goin' fly while i ride to the beat of the band
Keep to the lamb | widespread like a cingular plan
It's all good where i'm standin', they wavin' their hands
And everybody crunk and ready to dance (stand up)
Five foot seven, ten foot wingspan
Get your hands up | the best in the land (sho nuff)

Get your hands up, reach for the sky
Get them high if you ready to fly (stand up)
Get your hands up, reach for the sky
Get them high if you ready to fly (we goin' fly)
You get extreme if you wanna, make them scream if you wanna
Get your wings if you want them, gotta fly (gotta fly)
Can succeed if you wanna, can believe if you wanna
Get your dreams if you want them, gotta fly (man, we goin' fly)

[verse 2]
Yo, i'm callin' out presidents, govenors, mayors
White folk, black folk, mixed folk, asians
East side, west side, south side, raise them
Country, urban, surfside, cajun
Days in, days out, my pace blazes
It's quick | the sick flow is known to break gauges
It's crazy, i have to make my fans sign wavers
Most these other kats are just books with no pages
Me? i see through it, i keep my feet to it
He died and leaked fluid so i don't have to bleed through it
Kind of hard to catch your breath when the gyft put heat to it
But i'm a do you like fab, you're forced to breathe through it
Put the beat to it, it's just simply elite
Goin' on tour, put me up inside these embassy suites
It makes no difference what they tellin' me the industry seeks
We rollin' deep like the navy on these enemy fleets


[verse 3]
Gotta put the wings to it | i'm layin' the sting to it
I ain't just part of the crop, i brought the cream to it
Pulled the rock out the stream and i'm brought the sling to it
See the dream like i'm bringin' martin luther king to it
The words, i speak fluent | the curve, i lean through it
Got the city locked down like i got a key to it
Pay attention, observe, seein' how the team do it
Gyfted, platinum...kinda gots a ring to it

[bridge - (2x)]
(uh oh) here it go, we goin' ride tonight
And everybody gonna have their hands high (hands high)
(uh oh) here it go, get them live tonight
Spread our wings out, ready to fly (man, we goin' fly)

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