A New Stain

Halloween Alaska

As i live and breathe
You dont look so different to me

Lighter on your feet
But still with such a heavy head

Ten to seventeen
It didnt feel so long out here

But i was never clean
I was only trading in a stain
For a new stain

Could you feel your hands
Wrap around the memory of my neck

Of tangled ghosts
Yellowing your every inch of power

Where in would i please
But i dont sleep at ease

Its an ancient sea
And it took my peace away from me

What i wanna say
If you just let me say

What you need to know
Is what i have to tell

And when you fell
It was me who hit the ground
And when i spill
You left me empty

Mine's the kinda name you could never ever change
And mine's the kind of stain that'll never ever fade

Never ever fade...
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