Walking lost in the street of broken dreams
Your memory blinds my mind
I would give you anything
If i could begin again from tonight on
Never thought i'd feel the way
I'm doing now... i won't survive
Never thought i'd sing these words
I'm singing now...
I'm realize i'm still wasting my life

And i keep on calling, calling everywhere
But i'm still falling, falling without help

Remember when you smile shone like the sun
You always would stay by my side
Hands of fate are so capricious
Driving us where the wind blows
We surrender

I'm still believing there's a hope for you
And me, i must be blind
Last night i knew there's someone else in
Your life, i won't survive
I know well how it hurts.

Babe if you're not sure, don't tell me more
It's too late
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