Hate Squad

You live it your way
But it doesn't matter
I do it my way -- do it better
Why do I hate the human race?
Just come closer face to face!

I have to tell you by the way
Why do I hate you every day
It's just the way you look at me
Seems like the madman I would be

Wish I could kill you
Which means to thrill you
My thoughts will blow your mind away
I'll penetrate you -- I'll violate you
The cleaning rain will come today

Don't try to chain me
Don't be so strange
Why don't you join me?
Why don't you change?
You'll get the time to prove your mind
Could find the way which you don't find

Wish I could drill you
Which means to chill you
Can't wait to take you by my hand
Don't let me tease you
Don't let me please you
At least you'll get your promised land

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