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Stage Dive Possession

Hate Your Fate

I was going to a concert than I passed in front a church
They were doing exorcism and I stopped to take a look
The spirit was frantic and it jumped out of the dude
Took control of all my actions, and my body started to move

By it's own
I couldn't control
I started to run
Straight to the shown

My body thrashed, stage dive possession
I banged my head, stage dive possession
I slammed like hell, stage dive possession

When I was inside the concert, neither I could stop myself
They started to pay attention cause the thrashing was infernal
The band played and old stuff that reacted on the soul
So I climbed an amplifier that was 10 feet from the ground

I jumped from there
My face smashed
Right on the ground
My brain fell out

Dead, I left my body, and the soul was beside me
He was laughing on my face, cause he brought death to me
On my funeral I saw my mommy, with the same priest of that church
He spitted fourth lies, telling her that I was cursed

For hearing metal, stage dive possession
But I don't care, stage dive possession
I just bang my head, stage dive possession
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