I Am The One And Only

Hawks Chesney

I am the one and only, Oh yeah! Call me, call me by my name or call me by number, You put me through it, I'll still be doing it the way I do it, And yet, you try to make me forget, Who I really am, don't tell me, I know best, I'm not the same as all the rest, Chorus: I am the one and only, Nobody I'd rather be, I am the one and only, You can't take that away from me I've been a player in the crowd scene, A flicker on the big screen, My soul embraces one more in a million faces, High hopes and aspirations, and years above my station maybe but all this time I've tried to walk with dignity andpride Chorus I can't wear this uniform without some compromises, Because you'll find out that we come, In different shapes and sizes, No one can be myself like I can, For this job I'm the best man, And while this may be true, you are the one and only you! Chorus - repeat to fade out

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