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    Haystacks The - Brother Like Me

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Brother Like Me

Haystacks The

I don't even know saw in me, could've had a man with a law degree, in a house on the hill where you otta be. Spendin money like you just hit the lottery. On vacation in the Florida Keys..by now you could've had a family. Instead you ridin around smokin trees, droppin off Tim in a seddan with me? Has it been what you thought it'd be? Did you think i'd change? Its like losin a loved one every day i dun put you through so much pain. But you stuk with me stayed with me, soon to be with your smile, i've been sold onyou from the get-go girl addicted to your style. From on top to on trial, been wtih me a while, a million steps, a thousands miles, too last to stop now. I'll never be through repayin you for everything you've done, put that on my million reasons why you my numba one...
I was dressed to impress i had on two-hundred dollar cologne...she don't know when i'll be home, but she knows how long i've been gone. When i walked in the house, she was waiting on the couch, i know i'm funna have to hear her mouth...but thank you for stickin..thank youuu....with a brother like me..brother like mee...
I went from buying you tennis shoes and gold rings, to platnium links and pearls, you my boo and for you, i'd do anything in this world girl, i aint much on espressin my feelings so let me jstu skip on my sexual healin, and while we jsut sittin here cheffin and chilln, youi ever thought bout bein Mrs. MacMIllin? In a house wtih a chim, you followin me? You ever need anything holla at me, all of my cheese, you be on my mind like a college degree, i be honest with you, you be honest wtih me. I worte this watching you sleep, how deep is that girl, you tell me?
Oh... from the first time we made eye contact, we had crazy chemistry. From my tattoos to my stab wounds shes diggin on every inch of me. Recently, i aint been no good at all. Don't see me, all i want to do is ball. If you need me, all you got to do is call on some ballin trifflin no good dogs like me...brothers like me....(etc)...
A brother like me mack bad decisions, regret them later on, a brother like me gunna run them streets til the break of dawn. Cuz a brother like me be on the grind, but a woman like you be on my mind. I'm tryin to find some time we can drink some wine, make a lil love *haha* Brothers like me be handelin business you can not be callin me every few minutes, i fyou love me, just trust me, you know that i'm fully committed cuz a brother like me gunna make it better a brother like me gunna keep you wetter, it ain gunna be like this forver, just work with me boo!
If you leave me it won't be easy, but i'll adapt eventually, just remember what i've taught you and never be any ones's bitch baby. A brother like me gave all i had but i guess it wasn't enough, don't let me see you with no buster cuz when i do, I'm fuckin him up...
Brother like me...a brother like me.....(repeats til end)

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