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Forging Metal

Hazy Hamlet

Head to the gas stop
Fill up the tank
Of our good old Ford
As well as us, he needs some fire

Steel-born machine
Our V8 sings
With the hardest songs
Rocking the highway, rolling tires

We'll be taking our hammers down
As long as there are sparks to fly
From inside our souls
We are songsmiths
And our Metal'll never stop to glow

We'll be forever forging Metal! Metal!
Bang your heads, we are
Forging Metal to the world! Metal!

Before we're leaving
We get two six-packs
and then hit the road
Today the highway is our home

There's nothing better
Than a couple of brews
And a crazy crowd
Waiting to rock all the night long

(Chorus 2x)

Oh, you always say you love it, huh?
I wanna hear it from your lungs!

Metal! We're forging Metal!
Metal! We're forging Metal!
Metal! We're forging Metal!
Metal! We're forging Metal!

(Chorus 2x)
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