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God Is Dead

Headhunter D.C.

Before God! Now however this God hath died! Ye higher men, this God was your greatest danger. (...)Now only travaileth the mountain of the human future. God hath died: now do we desire the Superman to live.
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" - "The Higher Man, II")

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
The veil of ignorance has fell
The blind ones now see the truth
After centuries of lies
His holy throne has trembled...
...And the divine has tumbled in ruins
"Salvation"'s lost, "paradise"'s failed
Illusory words turned into dust

Disgrace to the corpse of God
Buried (and forgotten) in a decrepit tomb
His rotting is my delight...
God is dead!

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
Now his flock is lost
The war was won, the horror of God
The infamous race is crying
Holy lies burnt forever
By the flames of the truth
False values were broken
Good and evil are just one

Eternal pain to the father and his son
The holy ghost forever cursed
The trinity is destroyed...
God is dead!

Weakness and faith... annihilate!!!

No more gods above ourselves
Now let the truth reign supreme...

Lead: Lisboa

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
Angels perish in desolate places
Celestial chants banished forever
Victory's hymns echo everywhere
The artificial light has been faded away
It won't obscure my eyes anymore
Imperfect god in a perfect tomb
Eternally lies in shame

Nothingness deified in God
The will to nothingness sanctified!...
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, "The Antichrist" - XVIII)
See what splendorous decay...
God is dead!

Weakness and faith... annihilate!!!

"Welcome to a godless world...
God is dead!"

"Open the doors for a new age...
God is dead!"

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