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God's Spreading Cancer

Headhunter D.C.

We are the cancer of God that spreads, the splendorous God's decay

I am the one who washes the hands before your imminent death
I am the one whose kiss consecrates you to the abyss
I am the one who denies you for 3 times, and would deny again
I am the hand that attacks you, in one and in another face
I am the words that insult you through your tortuous ways
I am the one who tempts you in the middle of the desert
I am the last hour that precedes your crucifixion
I am the disease that slowly is spread
I am God's Spreading Cancer

I am the cross in which you carry the weight of your sins
I am the whip that whips you without pity nor remorse
I am the nail that nails you to your eternal habitation
I am the crown of thorns that turns you the king of the weak
I am the tip of the spear that dilacerates your heart
I am the seventh wound of your false resurrection
I am the tears of blood that drop from your eyes
I am the evil that devours your life
I am God's Spreading Cancer

See what I have done to your son
Now your time has come
Are you afraid to die?

So just close your eyes
And feel my final strike
Are you afraid to die?

I am the black clouds that are formed above your head
I am the coming dawn that brings your punishment
I am 666, the number that you fear
I am the cold wind that freezes your spine
I am the black vulture that eats your rotten flesh
I am the one who keeps you through the eyes of pandemonium
I am your enemy #1, the worst of your nightmares
I am the vision of your misery
I am God's Spreading Cancer
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