Dawn Of Heresy

Headhunter D.C.

Lost centuries of pain
Lost years in the dark
Hopeless souls without destination
Caught in a vortex of lies
One night of a glorious might
United by faith they fall, one by one
Defeated by their own bizarre creation
Once a god, forever a farce... they got what they deserve!

Lambs of Christ
I can see the pain in your eyes
You can’t escape our blasphemy
Fear the Dawn of Heresy

Far beyond their forgotten graves
Undead before their beliefs
Insane, like a collective hallucination
Open eyes, yet unable to see
The dawn has come at last
Innocent desires fall apart in emptiness
Their lord frustrated all their expectations
Once a dream, forever an illusion
It’s the end of the Christian race!

Hordes of light
I can feel the horror through your minds
You won’t survive your destiny
Until the Dawn of Heresy

Dawn of Heresy for a new age of blasphemy
Dawn of Heresy now the future born in me
Dawn of Heresy for a new age of blasphemy
Dawn of Heresy n ow the future born through me

A world without God a world without Christ a world without Church
A world without Christianity a world without hypocrisy a world without God

“And mankind reckons time from the dies nefastus when this fatality befell from the first day of Christianity!
Why not rather from its last?
From today?
The rest follows there from
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