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Eternal Hatred

Headhunter D.C.

I kiss thy demented face in a bizarre dream of blasphemy
I refute the world's moral rule, dogmatic handcuffs
I deny the weak followers of the christian philosophy
That sick and decrepit seed of decadence

Christianity ... cancer of the world!

The imposed religious slag: doctrine of christianity's redemption
Creator of the christian god, dominator, punitive, high rank worm
Who disclose that sickly world, null, with his "holy"laws
Submission turned into virtue. die you submissive ones!

I want to destroy the hybrid and void creation of the decline
(the celestial leisure)
I hate the vulnerable apathy and the self whipping of the will
I am the antithesis of the immaculate conception
Of the good and evil
(all love is lost)
And i claim for the destruction of the cursed christian reign
And its book of lies

Eternal hatred

My thoughts unchain a black storm over an unreal world
The faith on the liar god, rotten in the christians' sick hearts
Intriguing: "how haven't we perceived the divine's
Decomposition yet?"
"i can assure that the gods also
Decompose themselves!"

Christianity ... cancer of the world!

Flames of hate burn inside my eyes
Immortal and mighty wrath able to crack the skies
As your god begins to die i give forth my glory's scream
Cursed be his name. it's not eternal as my hatred!

Eternal hatred
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