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Daughter Of The Night


Waking the sun, grays in my skin
This could be a wound of the morning
But there's only a pain in the passed with lust
Dying in my own pull of track

As i see the silence track
My memories are slowly coming back
He tries to get call you in this time so bad
The moment when my lie, is where begin

Sometimes i just have to cry
And i want to see you die
So i'll wait until you cross my way
But this will be a last day

Just bite the prayers, just bite the can
I cannot forget this nightmare
Then i see you walking down the street
My dream becomes true, with ends too sweet

This night is too perfect kill
So i put on a week and get up with you
You are the one, you have to pay his
And you ask me who i am

I am the daughter of the night
The mistress of these times
Then you'll be no more tears and you can cry
Before you see them, like you must die
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