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Giant Mantis VS. TURT Nip

Heavy Heavy Low Low

It's the sun
It's the sun that's making me smile
Fell asleep in the warm, warm sand
I don't think I ever wanna awake up again
Wake up
Carried by the ultraviolet waves
and very ugly transparent dolphins
to an island floating meters above the sea
I am greeted by the lime green crab
he is bent on self destruction
on my destruction
Uncomfortable with his statements
I inch my way towards those fart soaked pillows
that double as floatation devices
and paddle my way back out to the ultraviolet sea
I sink down to my friends
mermaids with aids dressed like maids
got me laid, raged, stayed up all night at bars
had dinner with the sharks
woke up with whiskey farts
I broke the mermaids hearts
didn't bounce a single narc
and still id go again
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