Crazy Pritty Baby

Heavy Trash

I wanna sing about my sweet thing
A pretty little baby with a diamond ring
She's got something that's more than OK
She likes sugar and cream and a lot of gravy
Gotta get it upside the head
Amazing, yes I am
What a crazy pritty baby

Man never liked to be left alone
Daddy, daddy please won't you please stay at home
As I got walking in what's going on
She's got to fly the bird's got it wrong
Crazy, yes I am

Talk about a rumor a bad rumor too
Chose it and the blues gets my energy cool
All through the ages and down in history
You've got a mama come on the blues
(Like a Chinese Kung Fu)

You woman Mr got a get a powerful home
Got to get a shout on that good rock'n'roll
Please stop trembling I've got a twitch in my neck
Be-be-be-be-being the rock

Because I know
I will still feel the same
Tomorrow and tomorrow, tomorrow

Do me baby come on one more time
Because I'm so good and you feel so fine
I want to hear and I want to rock
I guess the man in the going gets rough
I look at baby and I got the same
Crazy, yes I am
Pretty baby
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