Canticle Of Heimdall - (invocation)


Hear the epic tales of a time now far past
When man kneeled to the power of the sword
Hear the deeds of the mighty knights
They believed in the sacred fire of glory and pride

I sing the saga of the bravest and proudest god
Of asgardr's court
Blood, ice, earth and moonlight blessed his soul
He was called by the king of kings
To be the defender of the sky

I invoke your spirit, o lord of light - i call you
May i sing the story of the bright god - i call you eternal lord
May i sing the deeds of - heimdall
With solemn words
I invoke your spirit, o lord of poetry - messenger of ancient tales

Hear the story of the theft of the necklace
The duel on the dark island, the anger of evil
Thus came the age of destruction and death
When the darkness of war engulfed all the land and the sky

[repeat pre-chorus and chorus]
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