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The Fall of the Morning Star


Lucifer: I see hate in your eyes father...
Tell me something about forgiveness, what is it?...
I feel the flames in my body
I feel the winds in my fall
I can't believe today
See me crying, see my sadness
I cry...

Father: I can blame you
I've got power over you, I made you
I can damn you to live in the fire

Lucifer: No, dear father....No...
Father: Yes, I will, I can play with the life I own
they are mine, all of them, your soul... dear son... Belongs to me
Lucifer cries
Father: You'll live in the hell
Lucifer: Yes, I will live in the hell
I'm Lucifer, I'm the morning star
I was condemned by my own father, the one who wants to be the only god.
he lies...
Father: Yes, dear son. I'm your father, Now I see you in the flames that burns your wings
Beautiful flames.
You will be forever the mourning star.. The fall of mourning star.

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