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The Game & The Rules


Oh no, just another heartache
Oh no, just another lovebreak
Time and time again i make the same mistake and throw it all away
Oh no, bitten by a rattlesnake
Oh no, just another earthquake
Every time i have to put the pieces back together the same way
It seems there's only one game i can play

I can always try, i can always fail
Just a small mistake, it's all self-betrayal

Oh no, self-addicted madness
Oh no, self-inflicted sadness
Once i lay my hands on things
I always wanted i have to let go
It seems there's only one game that i know

There's a shadow in my mind
Leaves a trace down in my soul
From all angles a reflection of the night from far below
I can sometimes feel the cold
I can sometimes feel the heat
I can sometimes feel the earth rotating underneath my feet
So my hands begin to shake
And my head is spinning round
And the room that i am standing in is filling up with sound
And a wise voice from within
Warns me of this game of fools
It is time to turn the table now, it is time to change the rules!

Now the only way is up
There is no more going down
Watch me make a single move,
Which takes me to a higher ground
There is danger to the left
There is evil on the right
So the only way is forward,
I can see the guiding light
I just see the road ahead
I am never looking back
I'm relying on my compass leading to the fastest track
And the light is shining hard
And the light is shining warm
And the light is sending warnings
My way for the coming storm

Oh no, never never again
Oh no, will i make the same mistake
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