Lead To Hell


Your faith doesn't scare me
But your fear to lose it
It frights me

I'll chalenge you with fire
Turning your God a simple liar
I can feel your desires
You cannot hide them from me

At night I hear your prayers
Your mind is an open highway
Keep your words with you,save them temptation's
Way your lust is the beast

I'll burn you with the holy flame
You will be in a little trance
I can break your eternal faith
And you can't fight again with me

I'm choosing your sacred games
No way to comeback again
Is better you have a hard strength
Or you will taste the worst dream

We're hand in hand jumping back,
Lose it all keep your mouth so closed
You will have it all

I will lead you to hell
If you run through the lights
Lead to hell
If there's doubt in your mind
Lead to hell
One more step,you're so close
Lead to hell
Many things you shouldn't know

I've been proving from wisewine
I've been drinking from new vision's line
I've got answers in your mind
Don't be afraid of me
But I know That I must be tour Devil
Could your mind close forever
There's a lot of things that must not know
But please,don't call me the beast

There's something for love and pain
And there's poor justice and hate
All the world living in dirty chains
I'll show you a better way to live

Million ones pay for the gold harm
So be smart and not a dummy one
You'll prove the pleasure with me
And die in a great sin

We're hand in hand spilling blood for nothing
Keep our faith and we will have it all

I will lead you to hell
Is the truth in your eyes - Lead to hell
Find the doubt in my eyes - Lead to hell
You think your heaven is lost - Lead to hell
I don't understand your way to be save from sins
And from lust
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