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Hospital Drama

Help She Can't Swim

we went to the party spelled p-i-t-y
and everybody had a belly
sick with red wine
it's a long walk home
when it's cold outside
yr too sick, it's too late
yr losing yr insides

i lost my insides a year ago
and every now and then
i love a little more
just keep on stuffing
my shirt with straw
and pretty soon you'll throw me
on the bonfire

it's a late drive to
the nursing home
and pills fill the holes
in yr bones
but there's just so many
they just run straight through
and you can't stop everything
just gushing out of you

i'm sick to death
of sickness and death
no more Christmases by hospital besds
no more holding thin hands
or kissing hot foreheads

the organs are exposed
in a game of operation
and the buzzer always goes
when you put the tweezers in
when you put the tweezers in
i've just put my tweezers in

we went to the party spelt p-i-t-y
with all the pale kids
who've got tired red eyes
all they seem to say is
'please god no more'
just leave it
i'm done
had enough for this year
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