Hush Hush Hush Here Comes the Bogey man

Henry Hall

Children, have you ever met the Boogeyman before?
No, of course you have'nt, for you're much too good I'm sure.

Don't you be afraid of him, if he should visit you.
He's a great big coward, so I'll tell you what to do:

here comes the Boogeyman!
Don't let him come too close to you
he'll catch you if he can.
Just pretend, that you're a crocodile,
and you will find that Boogeyman will
run away a mile.

Say Shoo-Shoo,
and stick him with a pin!
Boogeyman will very nearly jump out of his skin.

Say Buzz-Buzz,
just like the wasp that stings,
Boogeyman will think you are an elephant with wings!

here comes the Boogeyman!
Tell him you got soldiers in your bed,
for he will never guess that they are only made of lead.

Say, Hush-Hush!
He'll think that you're asleep.
If you make a lovely snore, away he'll softly creep.

Sing this tune, you children one and all,
Boogeyman will run away, he'll
thinks it's Henry Hall!

When the shadows of the evening
creep across the sky, and your mommy comes
upstairs to sing a lullaby, tell her that the Boogeyman no longer frightens you,
Uncle Henry very kindly told you what to do!

here comes the Boogeyman!
Don't let him come too close to you,
he'll catch you if you can.

Just pretend, your teddy bear's a dog!
Then shout out
"Fetch him teddy!"
and he'll hop off like a frog!

Say "Meeeeeow!"
pretend that you're a cat,
he'll will think you may scratch and
that will make him fall down flat.

Just pretend he isn't really there,
you will find that Boogeyman will vanish in thin air.

Here's One Way,
to catch him withour fail
just keep a little salt with you and,
put it on his tail!
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