A Ghost Town For a Graveyard

Here I Come Falling

The air's too cold to breathe tonight
So let's just run away
We'll tie our lungs together
& Hold our breath forever

The witness has no eyes
& You're too blind to see
We'll never need to fly again
So preacher clip these wings

We're on the run

Speak up darling, I can't hear you sing
It seems you lost your melody

Stop the pilot, the ship is going down
& You don't hear a word

This symphony won't last too long
Before the sky falls down
There's a ghost town for a graveyard
Where we'll never be found

The world will stop
The sun won't shine
& The stars will scorch the sky

The dead will rise
& The rain will fall
As heaven begins to cry

Preacher clip these wings
Preacher clip these wings
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