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Fall of the Church/Die By My Hands


Are you afraid of the night?
I can see dismay in your eyes.
No one can stop me tonight
I'll make you swallow your lies

This is my vengance. It's all that i need
Is better you run if you don't wanna bleed!
Now i am prepared for attack
You gonna feel my knife in your back!

There's no body-guards to save your life. Is Just
Me and You! Die By My Hands!
Tomorrow all the world will now that you're
Died and burnt and i wanna see it in the news!

You Are Disgusting and greedy
Just think in conquer the world
While the people are dying in the city
By violence, hunger and cold!

They can think what they want about me
cos' i don't like the things what i see
You can call me fucking terrorist
You are the first of my deathlist!
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