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Bang Your Heads


We are the Metal Command,
We gonna break the system
Destroy the fucking rules, spit on the fools.
We are the Metal Command, we hate all the disloyals
We wanna kill'em all, With Our Metal Sound.

Headbangers come with us,
together will win this rotten war.
March with pride cos' we're the ones
To live in sex, drugs and Rock n'Roll.

Metal make you feel
Like a thunder of steel
With the fists to the sky
Scream: We never gonna die!

Bang Your Heads, Bang Your Heads
This is the law! Metal is the Sound!

We are the metal command, we scare all the lunatics
Kicking their assholes, to open their minds
We are the metal command, we gonna change the world
Feebles gonna die, strongers will survive!

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